Global Privacy Policy


The privacy policy describes how Megaport collects, uses and holds customer personal information.

Global Acceptable Use Policy


The acceptable use policy sets out the rules that apply to use of Megaport’s services. The rules are designed to ensure that Megaport’s services are used safely, efficiently and lawfully by all Megaport customers.

Global Services Agreement


The Global Services Agreement (GSA) sets out the general terms and conditions that apply to a customer’s use of Megaport’s services. The GSA contains service schedules that describe Megaport’s services and service level targets.

Business Continuity Strategy

Business Continuity is the process of ensuring that critical business processes are supported and persist during periods of disruption, duress or after sudden adverse changes in operating conditions.

Information Security and Privacy Statement

How Megaport manages and implements Information Security to earn the trust of our users by keeping your data secure.

Website Terms

Read Megaport’s website terms here.

Megaport Group Entity Details

You can view previous versions of the above terms and policies in the archive section.