The Next Generation of Connectivity

We’re redefining the way enterprises and service providers interact with easy, fast, and flexible connectivity. Think dedicated cloud reach without the costs. Think point-to-point data migration without the security risks. Think networking with the power, freedom, and speed to revolutionise your business.

Technology Powered Solutions

Our connectivity services revolve around our Software Defined Network (SDN); a high-performance software layer overlaid onto our global architecture. Our SDN brings together an ecosystem of top enterprises and service providers around the world allowing you to directly connect to any of them.

Nimble strategies for your business

Whether you’re creating a multicloud or hybrid cloud environment, need a reliable data back-up or disaster recovery solution, or simply want to share data with other organisations, build your strategy with dedicated connectivity.

Cloud Connectivity

Build a powerful cloud strategy with dedicated connectivity to world-leading services. Whatever the cloud strategy, Megaport gives you the power, agility, and speed for connecting your resources and doing smarter business in the cloud.

Easily create a multicloud and multi-region solution without physical infrastructure.

Virtual routing capabilities allow you to establish private Layer 3 connectivity between cloud services and global regions without needing to own or manage hardware.

More on Virtual Routing

IX Connecticvity

Peering on the Internet Exchange

Peering via our Internet Exchange gives you a reliable and high-performance network and the power to expand your business globally.