Versa Secure SD-WAN Now Available on Megaport Virtual Edge

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An award-winning industry leader in Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), Versa Networks is the third major SD-WAN integration partner for Megaport Virtual Edge.

Today we’re happy to announce the integration of Versa Secure SD-WAN, which is part of Versa SASE, on MVE, our third global market-leading SD-WAN technology partner in our quest to transform the network edge. Our customers will be able to host localised virtual SD-WAN via VOS™ (Versa Operating System) on MVE, and deploy Megaport Virtual Edges to improve network connectivity at the edge in 22 metros worldwide.

Read the press release.

About Versa Networks

For two years in a row, Versa Networks has been named a Leader in WAN Edge Infrastructure in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. Versa SASE delivers secure, scalable, and reliable enterprise-wide networking and security while increasing multi-cloud application performance and dramatically driving down costs. Versa SASE is built as a complete integration of best-of-breed security, advanced networking, industry-leading SD-WAN, genuine multi-tenancy, and sophisticated analytics in a single Enterprise-class carrier-grade operating system (VOS™) that operates at exceptional scale. 

Versa Secure SD-WAN, part of Versa SASE, has won numerous industry awards for excellence. 

“Our collaboration with Megaport provides customers a unique way to deploy intelligent, high-speed network connectivity from distributed enterprise locations to the cloud,” Rahul Vaidya, Senior Product Manager with Versa Networks, said in today’s announcement. “As part of our industry-leading Versa SASE services, the integration of Versa Secure SD-WAN with Megaport Virtual Edge will further help organisations transform their network edge with secure, scalable, and reliable enterprise-wide networking increasing multicloud application performance and dramatically driving down costs.”

Optimising middle- and last-mile SD-WAN connectivity

Another driver is the rise of multicloud across industries, which we’ve seen among Megaport’s customer base. More multicloud deployments and more distributed employees mean more endpoints that need secure, reliable network connectivity, which Megaport’s Network as a Service (NaaS) provides.     

Learn more about Versa Secure SD-WAN and Versa SASE.

Integrating Versa Secure SD-WAN with MVE, in addition to our recently announced integrations with Cisco SD-WAN and Fortinet Secure SD-WAN, will give customers of these top SD-WAN providers the ability to reduce their network dependence on the unpredictable and vulnerable public internet. SD-WAN traffic can ride Megaport’s global, private Software Defined Network (SDN) to applications in the cloud, optimising middle- and last-mile connectivity, drastically reducing egress fees, and improving network performance and reliability.

As a vendor-neutral service provider that believes in offering maximum flexibility and choice to our customers, we will continue to integrate other SD-WAN solutions with MVE. SD-WAN will also be the first of several network functions that customers will be able to host on MVE and Megaport’s global NaaS platform.

Learn more about how to use MVE with Versa Secure SD-WAN at the Megaport Documentation Portal.

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