Directly connect to Nutanix Cloud

Next-generation connectivity services give you the performance, speed, and control for doing smart business in the cloud.

Connecting to Nutanix is made easy via our Software Defined Networking technology and Nutanix Direct Connect integration.

Forget high latency, long provisioning times, and security issues. Say hello to fast, easy cloud networking solutions.

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Access best-in-class cloud services

Unlock your business’s potential with connectivity to world-class hyperconverged technologies by Nutanix.

Adopt, develop, and deploy your network with a trusted Nutanix Direct Connect partner.

Build an any-to-any secure environment between your Nutanix instances and other cloud providers – all from a single interconnection point.

Streamline your Azure Cloud Setup

Streamline your Setup

Connect to Nutanix in real time via our smart API integration. Forget about complex configurations and long phone calls. Simply point, click, and provision connections to Nutanix Direct Connect in your Megaport account.

Easily Manage your Connections

Build, deploy, and manage connections to multiple Nutanix instances across different regions – all in one place. Bring your network together and get better control over how you move data into public and private cloud environments.

Right-Size your Network

Match your network use to your cloud consumption with scalable connectivity. Everyday workloads, bursty data, and major projects need different bandwidth speeds. Make sure they’re right-sized every time – and only pay for what you need.

Nutanix at your doorstep

Get closer to the cloud with Megaport. Access the services and resources you need no matter where your business lives – even if that’s outside of a Nutanix Region or far from an on-ramp. The following Nuatnix Regions and data centre locations are accessible via any Megaport-enabled Point of Presence.

Reno, NV
Ashburn, VA  

Nutanix Direct Connect Infopaper

Learn more about the integration between Nutanix Direct Connect and Megaport and how to build connections to cloud services.

Get Started

Point, click, and connect to global services in your Megaport account.