Megaport is a Cloudflare Network
Interconnect (CNI) Partner providing direct private access to Cloudflare infrastructure.You can provision connectivity from hundreds of Megaport-enabled locations to Cloudflare regions and CNI Points-of-Presence (PoPs) across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific in just a few clicks.

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Direct connectivity to Cloudflare with Megaport enables:

  • Private access that bypasses the public internet

  • High performance, consistency, and predictability of your network

  • Improved data and operational security

  • Flexible and scalable cloud networking

How it Works


Cloudflare Network Interconnect consists of a physical network connection at Cloudflare locations around the world. Cloudflare locations reside within facilities operated by co-located data centres where Megaport is enabled.

Globally available for wherever your business needs to be

See more Megaport enabled locations here.

Asia Pacific

Singapore, Equinix SG1
Sydney, Equinix SY 1/2
Tokyo, Equinix TY2 *


Amsterdam, Equinix AM1 *
Frankfurt, Equinix FR5
London, Telehouse North

North America

Ashburn, Equinix DC/6
Chicago, Equinix CH1/2/4
Los Angeles, Equinix LA1
Miami, Equinix MI1
New York City, Digital Realty NYC2
San Jose, Equinix SV1/5/10
Seattle, Equinix SE2
Toronto, Equinix TY2

Cloudflare Partner Interconnect Infopaper

Take a deep dive into how Megaport gets you connected to Cloudflare via CNI by reading the infopaper.